Tradesmen For Hire

Tradesmen For Hire

Hiring tradesmen can be a cost-effective way to save money on home improvement projects. Whether you need assistance with small repairs or an entire renovation, there are plenty of qualified specialists to choose from.

When searching for a tradesman, it’s essential to do your due diligence first. Check their ratings and reviews so you can be sure you’re hiring an experienced professional who will get the job done properly.

My Tradesman.ie is an amazing website based in Ireland to help Irish trades people connect with members of the public to find work in any area of Ireland.

Which? Trusted Trader

When adapting your home or organizing work for a disabled or elderly individual, you want to be certain the tradesman you hire is capable of high quality work that will last. That is why You? Trusted Trader has an endorsement scheme which recognizes great local traders.

Selecting a Which? Trusted Trader trader offers several advantages, such as their rigorous assessment process that includes credit check, customer reference checks and an in-depth interview and assessment by Which? trusted assessors.

Furthermore, being an endorsed trader offers you peace of mind as all traders must abide by a stringent code of conduct and uphold the highest possible standard. Should something go awry, you have the option to take your complaint directly to an independent ombudsman for resolution.

The only drawback to the process can be its complexity and cost, leading to fewer tradespeople signing up. You must pay an initial fee before being endorsed; the amount depends on your trade and coverage area.

Trustpilot offers you access to an expansive clientele. The platform is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business to a prospective audience that values quality professionals and is willing to pay for services they believe in.

Additionally, customers can provide you with feedback about your work which can be invaluable if you want to enhance services. Reviews are reviewed for authenticity and can be viewed both on the website and via email.

Additionally, feedback cards are stored for one year and then securely disposed of. On the website, only three years worth of feedback cards are visible since a deletion report is run annually to remove outdated information.


Checkatrade is a UK-based tradesmen directory that helps customers locate trustworthy tradespersons to do their job. Unlike many other trade directories, Checkatrade does not allow unreliable traders to join its network and runs rigorous background checks on all members before they can be listed.

They guarantee all members meet The Checkatrade Standard by asking their customers for feedback about their experiences with tradesmen, which is then posted on their website so customers can easily identify who is trustworthy and dependable.

Checkatrade is an ideal way to find a tradesperson who meets your standards and can do an excellent job for you. Their online directory is user-friendly, plus their customer service team are always willing to assist.

Another advantage of Checkatrade is that there is no monthly subscription fee like other yearly advertising services require. Instead, they only charge you a one-off fee to create an advert page which can be found by your local customers when searching for tradespeople in your vicinity.

You can get a free page that allows you to promote your business and contact information. Plus, you can add pictures of your work for potential clients to see.

Through Checkatrade, it’s possible to subcontract with a tradesman for larger projects without having to commit permanently. Doing this allows you to get more work done at lower costs.

This site boasts a vibrant community of helpful and dedicated members who are always ready to answer queries or offer guidance. Their mission statement emphasizes their dedication to supporting and motivating their members in all facets of business life.

They offer various membership plans, such as one-off fees, monthly subscriptions and yearly subscriptions. The yearly option is ideal for small businesses without other marketing expenses; on the other hand, traders who wish to generate more leads and expand their business can take advantage of the monthly subscription option.

Checkatrade boasts an excellent reputation and is widely recognized, making them ideal for tradespeople looking to increase their exposure. They have access to a large database of consumers searching for qualified tradespeople to carry out their job duties.


Selecting the ideal tradesman to carry out work on your home or garden is no small undertaking. Whether you’re renovating or simply want to keep it looking its best, make sure the work you pay for is done to a high standard.

It’s essential to select a reliable and trustworthy tradesman who will treat you with respect. While it is possible to locate reliable professionals willing to assist with DIY projects, do your due diligence before hiring anyone.

You can verify a tradesman’s qualifications by checking whether they are a member of an accredited professional trade association, local trading standards officer, or registered with an ombudsman. These organizations typically employ stringent criteria to filter out unqualified and unscrupulous individuals.

Another way to find a trustworthy tradesman is by checking their TrustMark accreditation. This government-backed initiative has been supported by the building industry, consumer protection organizations and local Trading Standards offices alike.

The TrustMark logo is a guarantee that a business has been thoroughly checked and assessed by Trading Standards to guarantee its quality of workmanship and practices are up to standard. It also means the firm has agreed to adhere to an industry code of practice covering technical skills, insurance, health & safety protocols and customer service.

Finding a qualified tradesman can give you peace of mind that your home is in capable hands. However, it’s wise to check the tradesman’s references and photographic examples of their work before engaging them for any work at all.

Rogue tradesmen can be tricky to detect. A great way to start is by asking the tradesman for three reference letters and photographs of their work before hiring them to do any repairs or improvements on your property. This will give you insight into their capabilities.

You can request a quote from a tradesman rated by one of the rating websites, such as Checkatrade or Rated People. These sites rate tradesmen on a scale of one to four stars and post nearly 90,000 jobs monthly.


Trustpilot is a review platform where consumers can share their experiences with companies. Reading these reviews can help you decide whether or not a tradesman has earned their trust.

Customers who write reviews give a star rating from one to five and share comments about their experience with the business. This feedback from customers is beneficial for businesses as it allows them to assess their reputation and enhance services accordingly.

The platform also helps businesses turn customer feedback into a marketing asset. They can use these reviews to attract new customers and maintain trust among current ones.

Some reviews on Trustpilot are organic, while others are redirected from a business’ website to Trustpilot. Organic reviews are written by customers with accounts who wrote their review independently. Redirects occur when customers click on a link to the business’ profile page on Trustpilot and ultimately write their own review there as well.

Many of these reviews are honest and impartial, which makes them a great resource to use as an informed decision when selecting a tradesman for your project. Nonetheless, it’s essential to know how to spot fake reviews and handle them if they appear on the site.

Ultimately, the best way to safeguard your brand and foster trust is by being proactive in soliciting reviews on Trustpilot. This can be done either through automated email invitations or manual requests. When a consumer responds to your request, they will see an “invited” label next to their name in their Trustpilot profile.

Another effective way to increase reviews is by encouraging current customers to leave feedback on your website or in social media posts. You can do this with TrustBoxes, which are widgets that allow you to display customer responses directly on your website or marketing and landing pages.

You can even integrate Trustpilot into your email marketing campaigns as an efficient and cost-effective way to promote the platform and solicit reviews from customers. By using these tools effectively, you may see improvements in both your trust score and conversions overall.


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