Note that even if a tradesman cannot provide you with references from previous customers, they should still provide you with an official quote on headed paper – otherwise it should raise red flags.

Most find-a-tradesman online sites allow tradespeople to post details of their public liability insurance, qualifications and customer reviews in order to gain customers’ trust. Furthermore, these platforms typically feature a verification process in order to avoid cowboy builders.

My Tradesman.ie is the best website to find a tradesman

Home improvements can be time-consuming and complex tasks can often go undone due to time or skill limitations, leaving many homeowners frustrated and feeling stuck with home repairs they cannot complete on their own. Hiring a tradesperson may help take care of these tasks while staying within your budget; however, finding reliable contractors may prove more challenging than anticipated; although there are websites designed specifically to facilitate this search process here are some tips on selecting an optimal one for finding contractors.

Before hiring any tradesman, it is wise to get quotes from multiple providers. This will give you a clearer understanding of their pricing structures and help you select the appropriate tradesperson for your task. Make sure to inquire about any extra charges such as VAT or material costs as well as compare like-for-like pricing so as not to overpay. Also ensure materials prices are included within overall quotes so as to not end up overspending on materials costs.

There are various websites that enable you to post a job and receive quotes from local tradesmen, some for free while others require payment of a small listing fee. These services provide an ideal way of finding tradespeople for various projects ranging from painting and plumbing/electrical work.

RatedPeople offers another resource for searching local tradesmen by qualifications and ratings. Their verification team checks ID cards, accounts, credit reports and insurance certificates of tradespeople they recommend; additionally they encourage direct communications between tradespeople and their potential clients in case any problems arise.

Plentific is another website designed to assist with finding local tradesmen quickly or for planned work, whether at short notice or for scheduled projects. They collect quotes from tradespeople and present you with a shortlist to select. They check identity, business details, VAT number, company registration details and public liability insurance for every tradesman before conducting reviews and complaints history checks on them to make sure they’re reputable – should any be filed they’ll reach out directly both parties in order to find resolution of the situation.

It’s easy to use

If you need the services of a tradesperson but don’t know where to start looking, consider using one of the many apps that link consumers with trade professionals. These platforms enable consumers to post jobs quickly and get multiple quotes within seconds from local tradespeople as well as customer reviews that may help guide your search for a painter, plumber or electrician – the apps can help find you just the person!

If you have a dispute with a tradesperson, it may be worthwhile trying to resolve it before taking legal action. Consumerline or your trade association might provide useful advice or make complaints on your behalf; some schemes include background checks on identity and premises checks while TrustMark vets tradespeople to ensure they operate to Government-recognized standards.

Before hiring anyone to perform work at your home, always do research on them first and seek quotes before making your choice. Doing this may save time and avoid getting taken advantage of, as well as stopping scammers from offering unsolicited services at your door.

When hiring a tradesman, ensure they possess valid identification and proof of insurance. Ask for their contact details so you can reach them in case there are any problems with the work they have performed for you. Also consider joining one of several tradesmen’s associations or schemes which provide Insurance Backed Guarantees that protect against sudden contractor closure and material or workmanship defects.

Some apps also provide a service whereby you can report tradesmen who do not adhere to their scheme’s code of conduct, and this will reflect on their profile, discouraging future hires. It will also reduce scammer usage of these websites for victim recruitment. It should be noted that not all trade associations or bodies operate equally effectively; some are carefully vetted while others simply pay an annual subscription for an identity badge which creates false trust.

It’s free

As a homeowner, you likely have a list of home improvement and maintenance tasks that need doing. Sometimes you lack the time or equipment to tackle them yourself; when this is the case it can be beneficial to seek professional assistance from reliable tradesmen who offer fair rates – there may be websites which rate tradespeople but these may not cover everything you require.

Before hiring a tradesman, always ask for references and review his or her work. Preferably, opt for someone with experience doing similar projects nearby. Also request a written contract which clearly outlines the terms, estimated duration and materials included within their quote – if in doubt about any tradesperson call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline!

There are various trade associations designed to help consumers select suitable contractors. Their services vary, but most provide lists of approved tradesmen as well as dispute resolution. Some even operate an Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme that offers additional peace of mind in case any given contractor ceases trading unexpectedly.

Rated People, a commercial site, provides another option to verify tradespeople by speaking to them over the phone or in person and verifying their qualifications and credentials by speaking to previous customers. Furthermore, any negative customer reviews published within five days will be published publicly; should any occur, traders will then be contacted and encouraged to make amends immediately.

As well as tradesmen, there are also apps designed to make it easy to find trustworthy contractors for small jobs. These apps can help both homeowners and landlords quickly locate reliable contractors without the hassle of calling around multiple firms separately. Furthermore, these apps enable comparison between quotes from various contractors.

It’s safe

Though most tradesmen are honest and trustworthy, some will take advantage of vulnerable individuals. Therefore, it is vital that you conduct adequate research when selecting your tradesman to ensure he or she carries an active public liability insurance policy – this will protect you in case they get hurt while working at your house.

Always ask for references and carefully verify them. Traders should have no problem providing contact details of previous customers who would be willing to provide testimonials for your chosen tradesman, while reviewing websites provide another perspective on his work.

If in doubt, request a written estimate with all costs listed and an indication of materials needed; you should find this information on their letterhead or in any letters they’ve sent you.

Before hiring any service provider for any job in your home, it’s also wise to ensure they possess an active public liability insurance policy. This will protect against any damage done while they work and cover the costs of fixing it if they do.

As well as verifying a tradesman’s credentials, it is also essential that their tools and equipment remain safe from theft. If left unattended or secured incorrectly, they could easily be stolen resulting in inconvenience and financial loss for yourself and your family. Ideally children and pets should remain out of areas where work is being conducted – never leave a tradesperson alone in your house!

When unexpected visitors call at your door unannounced, do not allow them in. There may be scammers waiting behind the door who want to scam you into accepting services they don’t provide; TrustMark provides trustworthy tradespeople that operate according to Government-endorsed standards as well as agreeing to a code of practice and monitoring by Trading Standards.


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