Introduce new color trends into your home is an effective way to instantly update its appearance and ambience. From bold accent pieces to full room transformations, these ideas will help you achieve the look that meets your requirements.

Fondant Pink captures moments of delight for consumers by 2024 and pairs well with lilac and lavender hues.

1. Dusty Violet and Lavender

This color palette boasts soft hues that are both delicate and refined, creating an inviting space in both bedroom and living room settings. These colors also make a wonderful statement in the kitchen for creating an inviting environment!

Metallic shades will become an increasingly popular trend in 2024, adding both modernity and elegance to your home. Ideal for accent walls, cabinets and furniture – metallic hues work particularly well when combined with white, yellow and light brown shades; or wood tones to achieve a more natural aesthetic.

Dark blue will become increasingly fashionable in 2024. Reminiscent of night-sky, this hue brings serenity into any home or office environment. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and offices alike!

Pink is an emotionally soothing color that promotes wellness while adding an eye-catching splash of color to any space. Paint makers such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Dunn-Edwards all selected blush tones as their colors of the year in 2024 – suggesting it will likely remain popular within interior design projects in 2024.

Purple is an iconic and elegant color, often associated with creativity and romance, making it suitable for both modern and traditional styles. Recently, we’ve seen it pop up everywhere from furniture to fashion accessories.

2024 color trends include an eclectic blend of vibrant and muted tones, as well as natural and soothing hues that work perfectly for any type of decor. These hues will help you craft a space with beauty and distinction.

Earth tones will also be popular in 2024, including shades of green that recall nature and are intended to encourage renewal during pandemics. They can be combined with various other colors ranging from grays to neutrals for maximum effect.

2. White on White

White is an adaptable color that suits minimalists and maximalists equally well, so this season it has been trending toward being used as the backdrop for textural layers like shaggy Moroccan rugs, knitted throws and linen sofas. This look works wonderfully to display artwork or personal items; and can even provide the ideal base for modern metallic finishes like copper bronze and gold that create clean yet elegant spaces perfect for entertaining guests.

Minimalism remains popular, yet a unique variation offers a more luxurious take. Instead of using stark neutrals like white as the focus color for this approach, this variation uses soft shades of white paired with warm wood tones and earthy textiles for an inviting homely space that feels cozy and welcoming.

Brown shades will continue to be one of the hottest interior color trends for 2024. Although traditionally associated with traditional or country decor, we will see them used more modernly this year – shades like London Clay and Mouse’s Back are particularly sought-after, while Mouse’s Back brings rustic charm that brings timeless beauty into any space.

As well as these popular color trends, 2024 will see the return of red interior design trends. After being absent since the 1990s, this vibrant shade could reappear anywhere from accent pieces to bold patterned wallpapers.

Beige will become increasingly popular in 2024. Reminiscent of dusktime skies, this neutral hue offers simple yet tranquility – ideal for any room but especially popular among kitchen and bathroom designers.

Beige can easily blend in with various colors in the home, allowing you to create a truly custom and unique aesthetic by mixing and matching with other shades.

One of the best ways to use beige is pairing it with dark blue; this combination adds a splash of color without over-cluttering a room.

3. Apricot Crush

Apricot Crush is a vibrant orange pastel shade with a soft, sun-bleached quality that pairs easily with neutrals. It exudes warmth indoors and out, effortlessly connecting to nature-inspired themes while also being playful enough for use with beauty, fragrance and skincare products. Gender inclusive yet restorative in tone, its relaxing qualities embodying our need to balance lifestyles while nurturing both mind and body.

Apricot Crush provides an energising alternative to brighter orange hues, invoking feelings of activity and wellbeing. This color speaks to a new generation that prioritizes sustainability over novelty; opting for life choices that benefit their own health as well as that of our planet and other species.

As with other warm orange hues, Apricot Crush adds energy and vitality to spaces by using accessories in matching or complementary hues. A popular option in 2024’s market, it pairs well with floral and botanical patterns or block print designs featuring soft yellow tones, block print designs featuring flowers or botanical elements or neutral tones such as camel, terracotta, khaki and beige hues, making it the ideal color scheme choice for wedding color schemes in 2024.

Apricot Crush will add feminine flair to menswear and loungewear this year, thanks to its vitamin-balancing properties that align it with wellness-driven lifestyles and its versatile qualities that make it suitable for occasion wear or outerwear. Furthermore, its restorative qualities will make it a trendy hue in health-focused consumer tech products.

Other colors to look out for in 2018 include Intense Rust, Midnight Plum, Sustained Grey and Cool Matcha – according to WGSN Trend Forecasters they will become increasingly relevant due to an emphasis on wellness, sustainable living and self-care over the next several years – inspiring products ranging from clothing to beauty items and homewares.

All five colors will come together to form an adaptable palette across industries. “These colors can take on different personalities and adapt easily,” stated Gemma Riberti, Head of Interiors at WGSN during a recent webinar.

4. Nutshell

Pantone’s color experts have announced their predictions for 2024 interior trends, such as Fondant Pink which creates a relaxing environment and Cherry Blossom which adds natural elements into spaces easily – all to be found within this year’s Pantone Forecasts. There are countless ways you can freshen up your space for 2024!

Although fashion industry trends may currently favor hot pink hues such as “Hot Pink Fury,” this year Fondant Pink – a rich pigmented pastel – will become the trendiest hue, particularly when combined with violet or lilac tones or popular block print designs.

Nutshell will become an enduring hue in interior design thanks to WGSN and Coloro. According to them, this warm and comforting trans-seasonal brown hue represents “an increasing sentiment towards durability over novelty”, as well as thrift shopping resale opportunities and thrift sales. Nutshell also speaks to our need for authenticity and craftsmanship – two themes we see emerging among interior design trends today.

Nutshell’s shimmer and hyper tactility add depth and dimension to design processes, initially impacting wellness and hospitality design before expanding to living spaces, beauty packaging and personal tech projects.

Pattern-wise, paisley and botanical designs remain trendy as homeowners search for an eclectic alternative to Scandi, Japandi, and minimal modern styles. Julian Chichester’s vignette below showcases this eclecticism through both traditional floral and block print styles.

Benjamin Moore offers a free Color Trends Swatch Kit so that you can find a paint color to suit the latest trend palettes in your own home and see which works with your style and decor best. Simply order online, and we will send each shade in its 4×8″ version right to your door step – giving you time to experience them from sunrise to dusk in your own space!


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