After years of reducing furniture to fit smaller outdoor spaces, patio furniture is taking on bolder forms than ever. Look for mesh accents, rattan and rope fabrics, unique seating designs that feature floral patterns as well as chairs displaying them all.

As interior furnishings like area rugs or tiles can add character and vibrancy to a room, outdoor furnishings add visual interest and charm to your backyard oasis.

1. Maximalism

Maximalism, a popular interior design trend that breaks all the rules of minimalism, embraces more. Think loud patterns and bright colors combined with plenty of texture – this style welcomes more! Maximalism adds character and vibrancy to any space it inhabits – throw pillows are an easy and exciting way to bring this trend into any room while area rugs offer another form of maximalism for layering patterns in a room or layering throw rugs can all help bring out its full potential!

Begin your outdoor lounge space transformation with bold wall colors such as navy blue. Or try displaying mismatched art pieces on bookcases or cabinets – this allows you to showcase your favorites without it appearing cluttered or chaotic. Additionally, this look pairs well with furniture with unique shapes like West Elm’s curved sofas which combine modernity and comfort for an ideal addition.

2. Maximalism with a Twist

Instead of opting for minimalist outdoor furnishings, homeowners are opting for bolder pieces with larger dining and seating groups as well as vibrant splashes of color to bring more people outdoors. This trend offers homeowners plenty of opportunities for personal expression when decorating their outdoor living space.

As much as a new rug or tiles can add personality to a living space or bathroom, outdoor patterns are having the same transformative impact. From exotic prints to floral motifs, there is something to suit everyone here!

Curved designs are an increasingly popular interior design trend that are now taking the form of patio furniture as well. Their gentle forms help soften hard lines in gardens for a more relaxing ambience.

If you’re searching for vibrant patio furniture trends to add color and brightness to your yard, check out Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Their pieces offer high-end pieces at surprising cost-effectiveness.

3. Maximalism for the Pool

Luxury patio furniture idea! This design idea takes the trend a step further by recreating an elegant Southern veranda, complete with wicker outdoor chairs, cushions, and texture throws. If a full set of wood outdoor furniture is out of reach for you, achieve its look by simply making some small modifications like adding draped patterned pillows over an existing sofa or adding a woven ottoman – it should still get the same desired result!

While the palette remains mostly subdued, bright accents add visual interest. Look out for curving designs and floral patterns to bring boho chic style interior decor into your backyard space.

If you prefer something with more modern aesthetic, consider West Elm’s angular outdoor stools which pair beautifully with elevated tables and are easy to change as seasons pass – perfect for an area used frequently for entertaining!

4. Maximalism for the Backyard

Garden trend: Lush and layered appearance created with perennials and tropical shrubs. If you have a green thumb, this style could be just the thing to showcase your greenery collection such as license plates, records, unique glass bottles, figurines or plushies in creative ways to make for a vibrant landscape.

If gardening isn’t your cup of tea, creating an eye-catching space with throw pillows or rugs will still achieve an eclectic aesthetic. Mixing complementary materials (like teak wood with ipe or wicker and rope) as well as collections is another popular way to accomplish this look.

Shop online to find patio furniture that reflects your personal style. If a piece you like is out of budget, keep an eye out for sales around holidays such as Memorial Day and 4th of July when possible.

5. Maximalism for the Patio

Minimalism has long been the go-to style, but maximalism is taking hold in outdoor spaces. This trend entails creating an inviting, relaxing and design-forward space that feels relaxed yet approachable and cozy – creating the California dream style with neutral shades and textures layering for an eye-catching yet minimal aesthetic.

For small patio seating solutions, minimalist bistro sets offer an instant boost. Their slim silhouettes will instantly increase curb appeal, and their timeless style makes it easy to coordinate with other decor trends such as floral patterns.

Modular furniture pieces that can be easily reconfigured is another great solution, perfect for small patios or yards that may struggle with fitting all their bulky pieces in. West Elm offers plenty of affordable minimalist patio furniture pieces you can modify easily based on your space needs.

6. Maximalism for the Deck

Contemporary patio furniture offers a classic and sophisticated aesthetic, making West Elm an excellent resource for finding high-profile chairs and tables like this that prioritize comfort while creating an airy aesthetic.

Addition of plants is also key in creating the maximalist look in your patio space, as plants are often the main focus in this design style and add color and life to the space. Maximalist designs often include unique art items such as tapestries or figurines and plushies incorporated into their aesthetic design – you might see walls covered in hand-painted tapestries or collections of figurines and plushies on display as part of this aesthetic.

Patio chairs and tables with minimal frames have become increasingly popular this year, too. Not only are these lightweight pieces easy to move around but their light, compact nature is perfect for spaces used frequently for different activities – you can even find more traditional-looking pieces, such as this set from Corvus!

7. Maximalism for the Yard

No matter your gardening aesthetic – be it lush perennial-filled meadow or tropical hillside garden – Maximalism gardening trend has taken hold. “This year we are seeing an array of materials and textures come together to form natural yet lively landscapes,” states Zolene Quindoy, head horticulturist of Yardzen.

This summer, many market exhibitors used a combination of organic materials and vivid colors for an eye-catching summery aesthetic. If you want to replicate it at home, reupholster your teak furniture in earthy green tones like forest or olive for an authentic summery aesthetic.

Metallic accents in your patio design can help pull everything together, whether through brushed gold vases or burnished bronze planters. For best price on these pieces, shop during August or September when brands are clearing out summer inventory and layer with additional accent pieces like wall art and figurines to complete your look.

8. Maximalism for the Deck

Home decorating trends can help create the ultimate outdoor retreat. From wooden decking and sturdy benches, to soft upholstered seating arrangements and luxurious fabric upholstery pieces – there is sure to be something that meets your aesthetic preferences!

Monochromatic color schemes are also a popular choice when selecting outdoor furniture, as this style can easily coordinate in various environments.

As patios have evolved into outdoor living rooms, so have their furnishings. At High Point Market this spring, several exhibitors released collections that replicate high-end living room pieces while fitting perfectly outdoors. Mixing textures and materials such as teak with soft upholstered cushions adds visual interest as well as comfort – just one example among many maximalism trends which add interest to outdoor seating areas.

9. Maximalism for the Pool

Attracting nature into outdoor spaces is an increasingly popular design trend for 2023. Laidback upholstery fabrics and natural elements like bamboo and wood provide an idyllic atmosphere, giving this trend its signature serenity and peace.

Get instantaneous relaxation at your backyard pool by purchasing a woven patio furniture set to enhance relaxation area. Pair luxurious wicker loveseat and lounge chairs with island-style patio stools and market umbrellas to achieve resort ambience.

Frontgate offers coastal furniture that exudes relaxed sophistication, such as this 4-piece wicker set and sleek iron fire pit, that fits the trend without breaking your budget. Also, don’t miss sales in August and September when brands are clearing out summer inventory!

10. Maximalism for the Backyard

If you want your outdoor space to feel like an extension of your home, coordinating pieces from the same collection can make a dramatic statement. By doing this, wingback chairs or Greek revival credenzas can easily transition between living room and patio as the mood strikes.

Pottery Barn’s 2023 collection provides an excellent illustration of this trend, featuring timeless aluminum-framed rattan lounge sets and modern Adirondack chairs, in addition to more affordable acacia wood and teak furniture options at very attractive price points.

Maximalist interior decor features earthy hues like olive, forest and moss as an effective way to play up its maximalism. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color with an outdoor rug or tablecloth featuring fun summer prints; these will help tie your decor scheme together and reflect its relaxed nature.


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